GreenWorks Pro GCS80450 80V Cordless Chainsaw Reviewed

Executive Summary

An awesome battery powered chainsaw featuring a brushless motor and great chainspeed

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Tale of the Tape

Dimensions: 9.65 x 32.4 x 7.56 in (24.5 x 82 x 19 cm)
Weight (without battery): 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg)
Weight with 2Ah Battery: 14.2 lbs (6.4 kg)
Bar: 18 inches (46 cm)
Comes with a hard plastic bar cover.
However, you can purchase a hard case to store it in/travel with – You can find that HERE

Power Source

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The Greenworks Pro GCS80450 is equipped with a battery powered 80 volt Brushless motor.

There are 2 battery options – one is 2Ah (model GBA80200) and the other 4 Ah (model GBA80400).

Some reviewers have raised a concern that the 2Ah battery is insufficient and can’t withstand much downward pressure being put on the bar before it turns itself off. The counter argument to that is that let the saw do the cutting and significant downward force isn’t needed.(see more on this under the Manual section.)

The batteries are interchangeable and can also be used in any of the other Greenworks 80V line of products (but NOT the 40V range)

The battery charger (model GCH8040) can be used to charge both the 2 Ah and 4 Ah batteries.

The difference between the batteries is that the 4Ah one will last longer but will also take longer to recharge.
On average it takes 30 minutes for the 2 Ah battery to recharge and 60 minutes for the 4 Ah battery.

The batteries are developed by Panasonic and claim up to 1000 charge/discharge cycles which equates to lots of savings on fuel/oil etc. compared to a gas powered chainsaw!

Power is at the push of a button and the chainsaw when operating is much quieter than a gas- powered chainsaw. There are also less vibrations from the motor so your arms don’t get shaken to pieces!

NB – THERE IS AN AUTO SHUT OFF feature that kicks in if the saw is idle for 15 to 20 seconds – saves the battery and is an added safety feature (although it can sometimes also be annoying!)

Chain Matters

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The GreenWorks Pro GCS80450 80V is equipped with an Oregon low profile chain – the replacement is model 91PX062G (which has replaced 91P062X)

The saw comes with a hard plastic bar cover

There is no automatic/tool-less chain tightening mechanism. However, there is a hand wrench built into the handle of the chainsaw which you use to tighten the chain – a simple procedure.

Apart from the saw stopping as soon as you remove your finger from the trigger, there is an electronic chain brake as well. If this is activated by mistake
(by inadvertently pushing the chain brake forward), the chainsaw will emit a beeping sound and not work – simply
pull the chain brake handle back into position and you should be good to go.

A few users have experienced problems with the chain coming off but this does not seem to be a general problem

There is an automatic chain oiler which keeps the chain lubricated during use. There is a quick view oil level indicator on the left side of the machine, behind
the front handle that allows you to keep an eye on the oil level when you are using the chainsaw.

Be aware that if you fill the bar oil tank up and then put the chainsaw away, it will slowly leak oil.
The way round this is to is to store the GreenWorks Pro GCS80450 saw on its side with the bar oil port facing up. Not always convenient but a solution – otherwise make sure
the oil reservoir is empty before storing (and then remember to refill before using it again!).


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GreenWorks Pro GCS80450 80V 18-Inch Cordless Chainsaw
The Manufacturer claims that this 80 volt bushless motor delivers the same performance as a chainsaw powered by a 45cc gas engine – without the hassles associated with your typical chainsaw gas powered unit.

This is open to debate but there is no doubt that this is a step up for battery powered chainsaws. This is evidenced by the chain speed which is 15 meters per second (2953 fpm). As a comparison, the highly respected Makita XCU02Z Lithium-Ion Chainsaw has a chain speed of 8,3 m/s or 1650fpm.

Greenworks claim 150 cuts with a fully charged 2 Ah battery – of course this depends on what you are cutting

Warranty & Manual

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The Manual:
The manual is an impressive 40 pages long, and as usual for these sorts of documents, devotes a lot of space to safety instructions to satisfy the legal fraternity.

However, it is still worth a read as some useful points are hidden between the legalese. These include:

– There is foam inserted inside the oil reservoir to filter dirt and debris so it does not clog up the automatic oiler. DO NOT REMOVE THE FOAM!(Pg 13)

– The battery pack is fitted with an internal circuit breaker that will automatically shut off power if the saw becomes overloaded. Releasing the trigger will reset the circuit breaker.(Pg 14)

– You need to press in the safety lock to allow the switch trigger to become operational (and hence the chainsaw!!){Pg 15}

– Allow the chain to cut for you – DO NOT force the cut – exert only a light down force. if you push down too much, it will activate the circuit breaker.(Pg 19)

– new chains stretch with use so check the chain tension often and re-tension as required.(Pg 30)

– For every week of use, you should reverse the guide bar on the saw to ensure maximum bar life (pg 35)

– Lubricate the guide bar weekly using the lubricating hole (Pg 35)

You can find the Full Manual Here:

This gets slightly complicated.
Greenworks states there is a limited 4 year consumer warranty but also a 1 year commercial warranty.
The warranty is only available to the original owner with the original purchase receipt and warrants against defects in parts, materials and workmanship.
It then goes onto say the warranty only applies to units used for personal use and not for industrial or commercial use!
At which point Greenworks differentiates between the 2 warranties is not entirely clear 🙁

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing there were 212 reviews, 84% of which gave this Greenworks 80v cordless chainsaw a 4(14%) or 5(74%) star rating. It is (gu)estimated that for every verified purchaser review on Amazon that between 10 and 100 other people have bought the item. So we can say that probably well over 1000 people have bought this chainsaw and the vast majority are extremely happy with their purchase.

Amazon Rating: 4.4


Pros & Cons

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product name prosPros:
Brushless motor
Very quiet
well balanced
Great chain speed.
product name consCons:
run time possibly a bit short especially with the 2Ah battery.

Greenwoks pro gcs80450 18 inch cordless chainsaw price

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