Remington RM 1425 Limb n Trim Electric Chainsaw Review

Remington Chainsaw

Executive Summary

The Remington RM 1425  is an awesome – yet cheap – lightweight electrical chainsaw that is designed for doing the small stuff around the garden. Use it within it’s capabilities and it will do the job admirably! It has been in production for a long time which bears testimony to a satisfied client base.

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Weight & Dimensions

28.5 x 7 x 8 inches (72 x 18 x 20 cm)

6.2 pounds (2.8kg)

14 inch bar (35.5cm)

Comes fully assembled. Add chain oil, plug into an electricity source, oil the chain using the chain oil bulb and you are ready to go.

Power Source

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The Remington RM 1425 electric chainsaw is powered by an 8 amp, 120v electric motor.

This is on the low side power wise when compared to it’s direct competitors, but then so is the price.

As with all non battery powered electrical chainsaws the actual cord from the motor to the plug is short so an extension cord becomes a necessity in order to operate the saw.

The necessity of an extension cord means that you need to be aware of the following:

1) The extension cord you use needs to be approved for outdoor use

2) An extension cord that has an inadequate gauge to carry the current used by the chainsaw will cause a drop in voltage, a loss of power and overheating of the motor. This will damage the power unit in the long run.

3) The length of the extension cord also impacts on the current delivery to the motor and the Remington RM 1425 Limb n Trim Electric Chainsaw operator’s manual has a very useful little table that deals with this.

It outlines what gauge and length extension cord you need for this 120 volt 8 amp chainsaw.

So for example a 25 foot extension cord need only be 18 gauge while a 150 foot extension cord would need to be 10 gauge. (For the layman – this is not a typo! For some reason the heavier the gauge, the lower the number assigned to it!)

Chain Matters

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If you only use the Remington 1425 intermittently and thus store it for extended periods, the manual advises you to drain the bar oil as it tends to leak out over time – you have been warned!

There is a chain oil window that is used to check the oil level – this should be at least half way up the window. The chain oil is housed in a small reservoir (1.5 oz or 44ml) which has a bulb on the cap that you need to push to oil the chain.

Refill as required using bar and chain oil only. Although many people seem to be happy using motor oil, the manual specifically warns against it!

NB The chain is NOT oiled automatically – you need to push the bulb at regular intervals to oil the chain.

This can be a bit of a challenge for first timers when it comes to judging how well the chain needs to be oiled when cutting. Experience will teach you pretty quickly but perhaps at first, if you have no idea, then err on the side of too much rather than too little.

There is a chain tension adjuster that allows you to adjust the tension of the chain manually. its a good idea to check this before every use – especially if you only use it now and then!

For reference, the chain part number is # 713-04091 (or see below under Spares and Consumables for the equivalent Oregon chain)

Spares and Consumables

Bar and chain oil for your Remington can be found here

Oregon replacement chain


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The name of this Remington chainsaw – “limb n Trim” says it all. This is a lightweight chainsaw aimed at doing the small jobs around the house.

The bar is 14 inches (35.5cm) and the manual advises that you should not expect to take on anything larger than 10 inches (25cm) in diameter.

And to that should probably be added – and even then only occasionally and with care.

However for the smaller stuff – chainsaw away to your hearts content!

In the numerous reviews that this chainsaw has, there are very few outright negative opinions.
And the few of those that there are tend to focus on the tool falling apart or breaking down very quickly.

If you contrast this with the overwhelming majority of positive things people have to say about
the Remington 1425 , then one cannot help but think that a good percentage of the negative reviews come from users who have abused it’s capabilities.

In other words, if you use it for what it’s designed for, there are few problems. If you use it for work beyond its normal capabilities, then it’s not going to last long.

Warranty & Manual

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The Remington RM 1425 operators manual runs to 28 pages, the last of which is the warranty verbage.

As far as an instruction manual goes, this one is not too bad. It has a number of handy tips on a variety of aspects of using this chainsaw that will be of particular use to first time chainsaw users.

Examples of these include the previously mentioned table about extension cord lengths and gauge, as well as how to connect the unit’s power cord to an extension cord by tying a knot.

The instructions and diagrams are clear and concise and the drawings are next to what the text is talking about so no flipping back and forth trying to match description and diagram.

There is also a useful list of most common replacement parts and their part numbers which will save you a lot of time and stress when the time comes to replace the bar retaining nuts for example.

The warranty covering The Remington RM 1425 is their standard limited warranty that covers the tool
for 2 (two) years for defects in materials and/or workmanship.

The warranty will not apply if the chainsaw has been operated properly, not abused etc etc

But the following is worth noting. The warranty DOES NOT apply to:
– tune ups
– items that normally wear with usage

And – it only applies to the original buyer of the tool and who has proof of purchase.

So be warned – as with most warranties, expect to have to jump through a few hoops if you are looking for a refund/replacement.

You can find the manual and warranty conditions here

Customer Reviews

With over 600 reviews on Amazon alone and with more than 80% of those ratings four or five stars, most customers are pretty satisfied – you can find more customer reviews here.

Amazon Rating: 4.0


Pros & Cons

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Remington RM 1425 Limb n Trim Electric Chainsaw prosPros:
Long Track record
Light and easy to use
Remington RM 1425 Limb n Trim Electric Chainsaw consCons:
Not very rugged

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