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At our chainsaw reviews are designed to help you choose a chainsaw that is the best chainsaw.

By that we mean the best chainsaw for you and your particular circumstances – which obviously varies from person to person.

We are not here to advise the Professionals!

And in fact our reviews are reviews of reviews! 🙂 What does that mean and why do we do it that way?

Well for starters, these days too many reviewers are paid to review an item. If you are getting paid – in whatever form – then your review simply cannot be as unbiased as if you weren’t being paid. Secondly, if you just happen to get the one in ten thousand dud (or star performer!) to review then the review might not accurately reflect the brand and model of chainsaw.

So by reviewing the reviews, articles, opinions and so on from a variety of sources, a more accurate and balanced picture of a chainsaw’s true capabilities and quirks emerges – a composite picture which will allow you to make a truly informed decision -and buy the best chainsaw for your needs.

We aim our reviews at the homeowner who needs a chainsaw to tidy up the yard after a summer or after a storm or who has a slightly larger piece of land that has trees and big bushes on it.

Or – the family that enjoys going camping off the beaten track and needs to cut some wood for the fire or clean up a trail.

And – is hoping to find the right tool at the right price on the internet and have it delivered to the front door!

As and when appropriate we will also comment/direct you to the basic accessories that go along with owning and maintaining a chainsaw.

Items like chainsaw oil, replacement chains, batteries, extension cords and the like.

So what are you likely to see?

Battery Powered Chainsaw Reviews

Chainsaw reviews

Battery Chainsaws

I think we can safely say that the vast majority of the work that homeowners or campers
need a chainsaw to do can today be satisfied by a battery operated chainsaw.

Issues such a chain speed, power, and battery life have advanced to the point where, in most cases,
there is no advantage to owning a gas (petrol) driven or even an electrical cord chainsaw that
you need to hook up to an electricity supply.

The advantages of a battery chainsaw are numerous and include:

– mostly small, light and easily maneuvered by the operator
– considerably quieter than gas powered chain saws
– no need for extension cords and an electrical output source – so no limit on where you can use it
– no need to keep obnoxious smelling and flammable gas close by for refuelling
– no starting hassles – flick the switch and cut
– If you buy smart the batteries can be used to drive other tools made by the same manufacturer (see Makita)

Just about the only drawback is you need to remember to ensure the batteries are charged!

Take a look at this Makita or this Black & Decker to get an idea of what some of the best battery chainsaws available have to offer.

And perhaps the best of them all (at a price) is the DEWALT DCCS690M1 40V 4AH Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw, 16″

Electrical Cord Chainsaw Reviews

If for whatever reason you can’t see yourself using a cordless electric chainsaw then the next closest option is the corded chainsaw.

A corded electrical chainsaw has most of the benefits of a battery powered chainsaw with the possible added advantage of your sessions not being limited by how long the battery charge lasts before needing a recharge.

The potential downside of course is that you need a convenient source of electricity as well as one or more outdoor extension cords in order to get working.

Despite this, corded electric chainsaws are hugely popular especially amongst homeowners who have other non battery
powered electrical tools that they have extension cords for already.

As long as you are aware of the potential limitations (and dangers) to your corded chainsaw of using an incorrect capacity long extension cord (see the discussion on extension cord capacity in this review), then the best corded chainsaws can compete with any other chainsaw type in the homeowner market segment.

Check out more on electrically powered chainsaws here

Gas Powered Chainsaw Reviews

The traditional gas powered chainsaw is still favoured by many for one simple reason – power!

Electrical chainsaws – whether battery operated or electrical cord, simply don’t deliver the same power and chain speed as the traditional gas powered chainsaw at this point.

So there are still many people who will choose a gas powered saw as their chainsaw of choice.

A good example here is the Husqvarna 450 which, despite its quirks, remains a firm favourite of homeowners.

Read more about the best gas chainsaws here

Chainsaw Accessories

If you own and use a chainsaw, you are going to need a few other items to ensure all runs smoothly – and safely!

So as and when appropriate we will bring these items to your attention and perhaps even offer an opinion on
one or two of them. Here are a few:

Chainsaw Sharpeners

Chainsaw Safety Gear

In conclusion, hopes to offer you the best chainsaw reviews available – informative and unbiased – so that you find the best chainsaw for your needs and don’t get any unwanted surprises when you fork out your hard earned dollars for a chainsaw.