Brushless Electric Chainsaws

Brushless Electric Chainsaws – The Future is Here

Here are some examples of chainsaws that use brushless electric motor technology.

brushless electric chainsaw

Dewalt Brushless

Greenworks Brushless Electric Chainsaw

Greenworks Brushless

Makita Brushless Electric chainsaw

Makita Brushless

Sun Joe Brushless chainsaw

Sun Joe Brushless








From our ( point of view – i.e. the point of view of somebody needing a chainsaw for odd jobs around the house, camping trips and the like – gas driven chainsaws are almost obsolete.

By that we mean that electrical motor driven chainsaws have evolved sufficiently in their performance that you no longer need a gas chainsaw to get the job done.

So for most people, goodbye temperamental, environmentally unfriendly gas driven motors! Hello environmentally clean and easy to start electrical motor driven chainsaws.

Chainsaw Technology

Technology continues to evolve and not only that but it seems to evolve faster and faster.

As a result of this, we are seeing the introduction of brushless electric motors to the chainsaw manufacturing environment.

They may be seen as the “Telsa Cars” of the industry at the moment. However, as with electrical motor driven cars, they may well become the norm within a very short period of time.

Brushless Electric Motors have developed out of the deficiencies of brush equipped electric motors.

These problems included the following:

1) The brushes suffer wear and tear and eventually lose functionality.

2) The brushes limit the speed of the electric motor (think chain speed here for chainsaws).

3) Their typical construction makes it more difficult to cool the motor.

Find out more about the difference between these two types of electric motors here

The Advantages of Brushless

Brushless electric chainsaw

Brushless Electric Motor

But things have changed a lot since the first practical electric motor was designed and modern technology has enabled the design of the electric motor to be turned on its head.

The changes mean that brushless motors are faster, more efficient, suffer less wear and tear (low maintenance) and are much easier to cool. All ideal attributes for a chainsaw motor!

And when we say they are faster, the brushless Greenworks 20312 Chainsaw (Check out our review of it Here ) has a chain speed that is right up there with gas powered chainsaws!

The one current disadvantage of brushless electric motors is their initial cost. They are more pricey than their normal electric or gas driven counterparts, but that wont be forever.

This price is reflected in the current price of brushless electric motor powered chainsaws as you can see here. However, despite this apparent barrier, the likes of Husqvarna, Greenworks and Dewalt, to name but a few top chainsaw manufacturers, have brushless electric motor powered chainsaws on the market.

Here is another one that is pushing the battery powered chainsaw boundaries – the Greenworks 80V PRO Chainsaw
In this age of rapid technology advances it surely is only a matter of time before these chainsaws become the ones that most people will be looking to buy.

Brushless Electric Chainsaws Reviewed on

Greenworks 20312

Greenworks GCS80450