The Best Garden and Tree Pruning Loppers

Which Pruning Lopper?

When it comes to pruning your garden, its a good idea to equip yourself with the best pruning loppers you can buy. But there are a few questions you need to consider – such as: do you go electrical…..or manual ? Can a tree lopper designed for large branches also be a good hedge lopper?

B & D LP1000 Alligator Lopper

The Electrical Option


Hand operated lopper

The Manual Option












Pruning a garden successfully is always a challenge and a bit like cutting hair – part art, part science.

And while your tree and pruning loppers can’t really help you with deciding what you prune and how much you prune (the art),they can certainly influence the efficiency and neatness of your pruning (the science).

Pruning loppers can be either manually or electrically operated and you can decide on one or the other, or both, depending on your requirements.

Tree loppers

For example, if you have several trees to prune with relatively thick branches, then electrically powered tree trimming loppers designed with branches in mind are likely to be more efficient than manual tree loppers – and easier on your muscles as well.

On the other side, if you just have some small bushes to deal with and you are in good physical shape, then a pair of hand held, mechanical pruning loppers will probably be quite adequate.

Hedge Loppers

Hedges present a unique challenge when pruning a garden and you probably are best to invest in manually operated hedge loppers or an electrical hedge trimmer.

Hand operated hedge shears are great for small hedges with thin stems but don’t work so well when the stems become thicker and more woody. At that point an electrically powered lopper is probably required.

Most suburban gardens feature a cross section of plants, bushes and trees and so realistically, up to now, you would probably need to have more than one pruning tool in order to prune the garden properly. However, we believe that that scenario has now changed – for the better!


Our Recommendation -The Alligator Lopper

pruning lopperLP1000 Alligator Lopper

The king of garden pruning loppers has to be the unique Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator lopper which can cut through everything that is likely to need pruning in an average suburban garden.

It is not only an awesome tree trimmer tool which can deal with branches up to 4 inches in diameter (some have done bigger) but it chews through the smaller stuff with alacrity 🙂

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