Which is the best chainsaw to buy?

best chainsaw to buy

The question about which is the best chainsaw to buy pops up every time someone thinks about buying a new chainsaw.

One might be tempted to just go for one of the best selling chainsaws that you can find on one of those “5 best chainsaws to buy” or “10 best buys” lists. Unfortunately experience tells us that the chances are good you wont end up with what you actually need.

That’s because ….. 5 best or 10 best according to who? What measures or factors were used to ascertain the ranking?

Best Rated Chainsaws

The best rated chainsaws is another type of list to look at for guidance. But again – rated by whom and for what?

The reality is that the best chainsaw for your money is the one that does the job you bought it for. The best selling or top rated chainsaws featured on a list somewhere may well not suit your purpose at all.

So the trick is to define what your needs are and then refine your search. Most people reading this
are interested in finding the best chainsaw for use around the home.

If that is the case then you almost certainly don’t need a gas powered chainsaw! Today the reality is that electric cord or battery driven chainsaws are more than able to cope with what needs doing around the house. And they are cleaner, quieter and more environmentally friendly.

So unfortunately a list of the 10 top rated gas powered chainsaws is not going to help you in your decision making.

So where does one find useful guidance to help you to make a good choice when deciding which chainsaw to buy?

Best Sellers

Strangely enough, Amazon’s best sellers is a great place to start your search. Yes it is a “best selling” list and you can sort by ratings but there is a magical difference that you need to keep in mind – and make use of.

The list of best selling chainsaws is not compiled by a company, or a magazine, or some “expert”. Nope – these lists are generated by actual sales. By everyday people who have similar needs when it comes to a chainsaw.

So they search, they investigate, they buy, they use, and they rate them according to their experience.

If you are looking at the numbers and ratings, it has been estimated that between one in ten and one in a hundred buyers actually review what they buy on Amazon.

That’s a wide range but even if you took the lower end of the range, then a chainsaw with say 50 reviews has had at least 500 people buy it. And if those 50 reviewers give the chainsaw an average of 4.2 stars (out of a possible 5), then you can be sure that there are a lot of satisfied users out there.

So which is the ….

best chainsaw to buy

Well – take a look at these best selling chainsaws backed up by tons of real life experiences and make that decision yourself – with confidence!